Environmental Health


一目了然: The Environmental 卫生部门 issues on-site septic system permits, runs the Licensed Facility Program and Drinking Water Program, is in charge of the County Solid Waste Program, and other environmental health consultations.
工作人员: 埃文 Magner, REHST
凯利 Friend, Clerk
电话:  (541)473-5186
传真:  (541)473-5580
电子邮件: 埃文.Magner@sumrallmotors.net
邮政地址: B街西251号
框# 9
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网站 & 链接: Online Food Handler Certificates
Restaurant Inspections Scores for Malheur and Baker County
Onsite Wastewater (septic) Maps and Information 
How to use Onsite Wastewater Map 
地点: The Environmental Health Office is located in the east wing on the first floor of the county courthouse.
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